The somewhat different city tour through Lucerne

Do you want to get to know the city of lights (Lucerne) from its dark side? Then join us on this somewhat different city tour through the alleys of Lucerne. From petty criminals damned for eternity to the tipsy ghosts of past pleasure addicts – our streets are haunted by ghosts, ghouls and a suspicious big man with a tail. All the characters, stories and historical facts were observed firsthand by contemporaries and meticulously documented. Hundreds of years later, these stories, were unearthed by our in-house historian. 

Even if you are a bit skittish, we are confident that you will enjoy our tour. The stories will be presented to you with a lot of humor and charm by our guides.

Best of all, we generally guide you through this city tour of Lucerne free of charge! The tour should be accessible to everyone, regardless of financial background. Therefore, at the end of the tour there will be a voluntary collection, where everyone can decide for themselves if and how much he/she wants to/can give.

The city tour

Lucerne Ghost Walk is presented in German and English.
Duration: ≈1h
Length: ≈1.5km
Price: Free, if at the end of the tour you feel like we did a good job, we are very happy to receive whatever you feel like the experience was worth to you (in cash, or Twint)

Meeting Point​

Every tour starts in front of Wagenbach Brunnen (fountain) directly in front of the KKL building. This is also the place where we meet up. It is only a 2-minute walk from Lucerne main station.

Tour Dates

You can find the current dates of the guided tour of Lucerne under the link below.

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