A Ghost Walk is a guided tour through the old town of Lucerne that deals with the city’s native ghosts, ghouls, dragons and historical jurisdiction of the city. The tour is led by an enthusiastic storyteller who will lead you past several places of a haunting interest where she will tell you its story. All her tales are authentic, historical and Original. Scary and educational but most of all a fun night out!

No, that’s not how we operate. A good story, properly told is usually more than enough to scare the wits out of most people and make sure that they have an uneasy night afterwards.

You are still more than welcome to join. It is not our task to make you into a believer. That little shred of doubt, the little tingle of fear creeping up and down your spine is more than enough to satisfy us. 

Yes. If you want  to book as a private group contact us by Email. As an individual or a smaller group you can use our registration form found under the menu ‘tour dates’.

The guide will be waiting in front of the Wagenbach fountain. Our guide wears dark clothing and a top head.

Yes, well trained dogs are welcome.

In moderation, yes. Filming or taping the Ghost Walk is not allowed. 

No, most people have no trouble with the distance covered during the walk which is around 1,5 kilometers.

Yes. If you are in any way impaired let us know when registering for a tour and we will take that into account during the tour.

Yes, unless there is an insufficient number of participants, when the guide is ill or there are extreme weather conditions.

A little rain is okay, it only adds to the atmosphere. We do advise you to come prepared with warm clothing, sensible footwear and an umbrella. 

No, the tour was designed to be guided without a break for optimal experience of the stories.

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